Welcome to the RB2 SpeakEasy! What exactly is this place and what are the Bro’s trying to accomplish here? We are glad you asked that question. Come on in and let us explain this new podcast…

Alright, onto the new podcast. The Reels, Booze & Bro’s podcast (the one you all have grown to know and love) focuses mainly on movies with a dash of special episodes here and there. The RB2 Speakeasy podcast is going be a simple, short, and straight to the point reviews of TV Shows. One of the hosts will give a call to another host or Reel Bro Fan to get a quick spoiler free review of a TV show and explain why you should give that show a watch.

No awards, no quotes, and unfortunately no Rock. We’re sorry Rock but you can’t be involved in this project at this time. I’m pretty sure you schedule is booked up anyway.

Will there be booze? Of course there will be! How can we not have a TV review podcast without an adult beverage to have on hand. We are flabbergasted you asked us that question. Just kidding. Don’t forget to drink in moderation and responsibly. Let us handle the rest.

Enjoy the RB2 Speakeasy experience and as always, #CHEERS!

Oh, did we mention the page is hidden? It wouldn’t be a Speakeasy if the page was accessible to everyone. Good luck finding it.