Big Trouble in Little China

RB2 – Big Trouble in Little China

Reels Booze & Bro’s aka RB2 hosts Brian & Jay, along with Reel Bro fan Shane, hop on the Pork Chop Express and bring you Big Trouble in Little China!  You wanna know what ‘ol RB2 says about it and the booze we drink?  Well it’s all in the reflexes if ya tune in.

Booze we had for the podcast

  • Style: Sour – Fruited
  • ABV: 5.2%
  • From: Jughandle Brewing Co.
  • Style: Imperial/Double Milkshake
  • ABV: 8.6%
  • From: Departed Soles Brewing Company
  • Style: Sour – Fruited
  • ABV: 6%
  • From: Imprint Beer Co.