Our next special has been decided. We are going to do a Heroes vs Villains episode! There will be 32 Heroes and 32 Villains. Just like the NCAA tournament style bracket. There won’t be a win-loss record here. They will be placed randomly in the brackets, and we just go from there.

THE BRACKETS ARE COMPLETE! Man that was a pain in the ass to complete. It took a few days to get everything together and coordinate. But we emerged boozed up and proud of our Heroes vs Villains tournament.

There were just so many to choose from on both sides. We know there a lot missing. If we could have put them all on then we would be debating this topic for the rest of the year. Possibly longer. Who knows.

Now, for the process. We finalized the Heroes side. Put the names into a randomizer and boom! It spit out their respective order. The same process was done for the Villains. Simple enough right? Yeah, we thought so too.

The best part of using the randomizer was the matchups they had. Holy shit are they good. Let’s just say there are going to be a lot of upsets in the first rounds. Like a lot, a lot. Or not. You be the judge. That’s right. You be the judge on your own bracket. Take it, fill it out and send it to us. Tell us where we messed up or went right. The power is in your hands.

Without further delay. Here we go!

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