Reel Bro fans! We need your help in making this show even better. If you follow us on social media; mainly Twitter and Instagram. You would have heard of this. If not, then it is a good time to follow us to keep an up-to-date of what we are doing here at RB2podcast.

We entered in a contest so our podcast can get some free funding over on Podca$h! It will help with the booze funds. I mean, it will make the show even better. We love doing this show. The only downside is that it cost a bit to make. Not really a lot, but we want to keep this show free of ads for as long as possible.

So, how do you help? It’s easy. Just go to this link here and write something about our show. That is it! We appreciate all the support we can get from you great fans. Thank you and look forward to our second episode of season 3 coming out soon! We promise.